Welcome to UWL Logistics

We specialized in on-time freight management. Our clients are our most important assets to us. So, we work hard to co-operate and achieve result. This requires significant investment in resources and very specific business expertise. over the next five years we are pursuing an aggressive expansion policy which will enable us to compete in all areas of freight business both locally and internationally.

UWL offers a complete range of transportation logistics services providing customers with distinctive value that goes beyond the simple movement of goods.

  • Customized Solutions UWL provides access to all transportation modes and a wide range of other services to ensure specific needs are met.
  • Business Growth Our Management team will continue to explore and study various business opportunity and to provide assistance in identifying how to most effectively compete in new and existing markets.
  • Peace of Mind UWL assigns a dedicated customer service representative to each customer so that they benefit from having a true logistic expert available to keep them updated on the latest shipment status, with just a phone call away. We believe in personal touch.
  • Ease of Use Our one call, one source, allows you, OUR CUSTOMER, to remain focused on what's most important, your core business and more YOUR CUSTOMER.

The best part is that you can take full advantage of this distinct and unique service at competitive price levels with a total peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business.